Year: 2002 Make: VOLKSWAGEN Model: EUROVAN

Number Reviews 35
Average raiting 4.3

2012-10-16 21:34

I have had this car for 10.5 years since new and still enjoy driving it. Just coming up to 70K so low mileage. I do almost all the work on my car so the maintenance is not bad. Repairs that have been needed to date are: coolant temp. sensor $30.00, MAF sensor ($190) and now just need to replace the O2 sensor ($76.00). New front end bushings need so installed new front control arms and tie rod assembly with alignment ($1,000). Replaced original brakes at 32k(front) and 34K (rear) and now have about 10K left on 2nd set so have drilled Zimmermann brakes and EBC pads to go on. Tune up easy to do. Most important service is to change transmission fluid per service manual

Average raiting - 4.5
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2010-05-14 20:35

Bought a Eurovan used with 60,000 miles. In great condition when purchased. Car computer died at 80k, the dealer told my wife the car had "a head ache" and it would cost $2500. I refused and insisted it must be under warranty and under my persistence was then covered by my warranty. Hmm. The car drive like a giant box. The interior is average, the seat are uncomfortable for long trips. The cup holders and plastic part break. A sliding window took 5 trips to the dealer, 18 hrs, and $600. The transmission is going out at 120k, and the brakes are expensive and require special tools. One door handle is broken, the window is stuck, the dealer says $500 to fix. AC died. Hard to find a mechanic

Average raiting - 3.3
comfort: 4    interior: 2    performance: 4    reliability: 3    safety:     technology:     value:    
2008-04-17 22:41

Love the power and sitting up high. Suggestions for improvement: remote control that only unlocks driver's door, not all doors at same time (this could be unsafe; a stranger could jump in other side as one enters driver's door), automatic door locking as vehicle starts to move, glovebox in front of passenger seat. would like FLAT back seat so when it's turned into a bed it is not so lumpy and uneven. I was disappointed that my new 2002 did not have a standard CD player (only am/fm/cassette). I'm the original owner & have owned 2 other VW vans.. the 1990 pop top was superb. I'd love to see the 1990 set up, but put the engine in the front and add safety air bags and a v-6 engine.

Average raiting - 3.8
comfort: 4    interior: 2    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2007-07-30 23:39

Editors comparing the EuroVan to a Honda Odyssey completely miss the point. The Euro is big. It's not a minivan. It's a full size van. Compared to the smallest minivans like the Odyssey, it's kinda boxy and rolls in the turns. But compared to a Dodge or GM full sized van or the bigger SUVs, well, there's no comparison. You can put seven full sized adults in a EuroVan and drive across the country comfortably. Try that in an Odyssey. You can move couches and washing machines and your old big-screen tv in a Euro. Try that in a Dodge Caravan. Your three-cart trip to Costco disappears in the EuroVan. And it's still reasonably fun to drive. It's heavy. 15 mpg if you're lucky. We love ours.

Average raiting - 3.8
comfort: 5    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 3    safety:     technology:     value:    
Jeff 66
2002-11-27 08:00

Great van for a larger family. Chose the Eurovan MV as our 3rd child was on the way, and needed a van able to accomadate 3 child seats across the back. Eurovan was the only "minivan" which could. Slept once on the fold down bed- not bad. Averaging around 17.5 to 18 mpg combined. Have 5,500 miles on the clock. Great handling, performance for a van, with loads of room. I seated seven with 5 full size suit cases & 3 carry ons in the back. Climate control works fine, and engine configuration is accessible for those who want to work on engine.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value: