Year: 2013 Make: VOLKSWAGEN Model: PASSAT

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2016-10-10 13:49

I had the turbo go bad....lost the car for 8 days and the price was over $3000 dollars plus motel, rental car, etc. Luckily, subtracting the cost of the monthly extended warranty I saved $1300. Then a month later the pump that supplies the urea to the catalyst converter went bad while I was away from home. Paid to have the check engine light diagnosed, over $100. Part not available and had to be ordered from the factory - nowhere else was allowed to stock the part. I elected to return home to my local dealer that said they do not trust anyones else's diagnosis, so another $100. That repair was $1100. Now I have an appointment scheduled to fix the AC. The dual system....drivers side cold air....passenger side, total heat. Have to drive with the windows down. Heat wins out. Pretty sure they'll have to remove the dash. Glad I'm still paying for the extended warranty. In the details you'll set the Passat has 105,000 miles, but I run only synthetic oil, changed more other than necessary and I've changed the transmission twice with the third time due in 15,000 miles. Over all my wife and I love the car. Well built, but the troubles are causing us to return it to VW in the buyback. We are considering going with a gas model of the Passat or Audi. VW really makes a great cars.

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Ingrid Gardner
2016-09-09 17:12

Actually I originally purchased this vehicle to do a business. After the business did not work out profitably. i found myself thinking of selling the car for about a min. After really thinking about the fact that the trunk room is enormous , leg room in front and rear are adequate road for someone 6"4 like my son can actually lay down in the back seat. I could not part with it. It is clean bland and German . Classic lines no complications or surprises. Great gas mileage , take 87 unleaded can get at least 458 miles on a full tank before refill, Great road car . Great individual climate controls, sunroof. Can add navigation later from dealer for about 1800.00. It is not diesel so whatever the problem is with emissions complaints with the diesel you will not have that problem with this car. Plus it just looks like it will look good for a long time. I'm going to pay additional to put a clear coat on it. I like the chrome grille and the chrome around the car windows it gives it a real refined look. When I want fun i just jump into my 06 Infiniti . This is a safe , practical grown up car. I'm retiring soon so this just suits me fine. Check it out for yourself. An actually wheelchair plus luggage can fit into the trunk.

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2016-08-12 14:07

The Passat TDI is an amazing car that returns excellent fuel economy with PLENTY of smiles per gallon to go with it. That is, if you're willing to due your due diligence to take care of it. Use only VW 507.00 approved oil, do your 40k DSG services (YOURSELF to save a lot of money) and don't drive like an idiot. Also, a lot of people neglect the DSG transmission on the TDI and never do the 40k service intervals. If you are willing to 1. Do you own oil changed to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that VW 507.00 oil goes into the car, 2. Do your own DSG service (plenty of guides telling you how to do it, and in you can get a complete kit for $130) every 40 (I've done it and it's not all that bad), 3. protect your turbo by not running the car super hard right before shutting it off, then this car is an absolute joy to drive. I don't know why other cars have had turbo failures, but a lot of it could do with the engine oil being used and the way it is driven. If you drive a turbocharged car hard and shut it off not long after that, the engine oil in the turbo will "burn" because of how hot the turbo gets when driven hard. The way to avoid this is to drive the car normally/gently for the last few minutes before shutting it off to allow the circulating oil to cool the turbo to a safe temperature. Anyway, it could be something totally different. All I know is, my car has had NO failures whatsoever in it's history, and even though the 40k DSG service was not completed by the previous owner, the car shifted really smooth when I bought it. After doing a DSG service myself soon after the purchase, the shifting improved even further to a buttery smoothness that you don't even notice unless you're looking at the RPM cluster. On long trips I average 45mpg, but my overall average since buying the car is 41mpg.

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Ryan K
2016-08-02 13:32

Overall I like this car and am happy with the purchase. I think the interior layout is nicer than an accord or camry. I am a big fan of the Mazda6 but it had only one engine option at the time. That being said the Mazda6 may be a better overall choice. The Accord V6 has better shifting/acceleration from a stop and the Camry I am sure will last longer with lower maintenance costs. I am 6'7 and I can sit in the back without moving my seat from the location I had it in the front. Thus for tall people, or people with rear-facing child seats this car is great! I like the simple but stylish interior - to be expected in a VW. The DSG transmission is great once moving BUT there is a lag when moving from a start that isnt great and takes some getting used to. The trunk is HUGE (I can get a large stroller or a dual stoller in there). The price was very good - I bought a CPO with 11,000 miles. The navigation/entertainment system is slow - especially the back-up camera. It takes so long that you may just reverse without it..... an improvement in processing speed of the unit would be great. Also the HVAC isnt as solid as VW's of the past (I've had 5). The AC will eventually kick in but in hot temps over say 85/90 it can take upwards of 15-20 minutes. So... overall I recommend this vehicle. The newer 4cyl is a great option as well that addresses some of these issues.

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2016-07-15 14:34

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 4    reliability:     safety:     technology:     value: