Year: 2014 Make: VOLKSWAGEN Model: TIGUAN

Number Reviews 14
Average raiting 4.1

2016-09-05 20:01

It rides a bit rough, but handles great. If you want a smoother ride, don't get the R-Line.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 4    technology: 4    value: 4   
brenda hill
2016-07-13 18:44

The VW Tiguan is good, attractive design inside and out. Seats fit great and feel tight and safe. Visibility from drivers seat is good. Built very well: materials and design are excellent for the price of the SUV. Performance of the TSI is superb. The only thing I do not like about the VW Tiguan is the road noise when on most highways going at 60-70 MPH. Ride is great and comfort is great. VW intentionally has more road noise because they do not add the extra weight that comes with sound proofing their autos. The weight causes gasoline milage to go lower so they opt for better milage.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 3    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2016-01-08 17:53

The tiguan is a nice little car until 3 days after the warranty is over. Mine started leaking coolant over the Christmas weekend. It was still under warranty however by Monday it was three days over. Volkswagen said to us sorry now you have to pay because we were closed for three days. 869.00. Nice

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 3    interior: 3    performance: 4    reliability: 2    safety: 3    technology: 4    value: 2   
2015-04-27 14:35

Love this vehicle all around its true Volkswagen thinks of everything. I don't feel or hear this engine vibration so not concerned at all. Ride and build quality is superior to anything else we have owned. will it hold up to the test of time? we will see so far 16.000 miles and like new Very happy.

Average raiting - 4.9
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2016-10-03 18:48

The Tiguan a nice car in many respects, but the automatic transmission shifting is awful. It frequently shifts into too high a gear causing the engine to lug and vibrate. Then it shifts back down, only to try shifting back up again later. It was benign enough during the test drive, but the vibration noise and constant shifting becomes really annoying over time. This problem persists in newer models because it's VW's way of reporting better fuel mileage than the car actually gets under real world conditions.

Average raiting - 2
comfort: 3    interior: 4    performance: 1    reliability: 2    safety:     technology:     value: