Year: 2005 Make: acura Model: tsx

Number Reviews 223
Average raiting 4.7

2016-09-26 16:32

I simply love this car!! I've had it 11 years. Love driving it, love the pick up on the highway, the smoothness and ease of acceleration. Driven it on trips many times and it's a very comfortable ride. The first time I test drove it, I knew it was for me!

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability: 4    safety: 4    technology: 4    value:    
Chris G.
2016-04-06 15:31

Great vehicle when purchased used. Bought this to replace a Honda Accord V6 Sedan. The TSX it's a great commuter vehicle. Very comfortable, good MPG for the model year, great handling. Has been very reliable and all indications show that it will be a great car for a long time. One negative comment that other reviewers have mentioned is the Premium Fuel requirement. This is a false statement. The owner's manual states that premium fuel is recommended for rated performance. That being said, I've put over 38k miles on this vehicle and only used regular unleaded fuel. Not one issue! The only negative is the red paint that is mentioned by other reviewers. The paint is fading to pink, but the paint finish is still very good. So if you are looking at this generation TSX, definitely avoid the red unless it has been repainted.

Average raiting - 4
comfort:     interior:     performance: 4    reliability:     safety:     technology:     value: 5   
2016-01-25 18:50

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2015-08-12 15:14

I bought my car exactly two years ago. It is a very small and super comfortable car. It definitely is a comuter car. My 05 has comfortable tan leather seats. I love my LED lights!! I tinted my windows so the car looks even better. I had to eventually get new brakes and 3 of my cylinders blew up which was provoked by the previous owner who used the wrong material the first time! My battery eventually gave out so i replaced it. I just replaced my thermostat which was constantly fluctuating in temp in a span of 2 minutes. The costs were low and the parts were cheap. Unfortunately the car does not come with an aux so i bought a cheap mp3-radio converter. I used to be able to hit 350 mpt but now i barely get bg 330 miles (depends on traffic!!!!!!!!) Cheapest i paid was $32 for gas without any safeway discounts and the most i have paid was 65-70$ (cant remember exactly). My tank holds 14 gallons. I have seen really nice bumper body kits that make the car look nice! This is not a race car!!!!! I despise seeing tsxs and hondas built completely when in reality theyre not rally cars!!!! (I have seen a dope built tsx though. It only looks good if the owner knows what theyre doing to their car except for Honda fanatics! Stay away from those!!!) I do not suggest putting an exhaust because it will sound horrible and everyone will laugh at you. V techs produce farting sounds! You cant escape that noise..ever. Acuras and hondas are not rally cars! They shouldnt be built especially stanced.... Overall, it is a fun and cute car! Still my first car but definitely was/is a great learning experience and comuter car. Parks easily. The costs are reasonable. I

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 1    value: 4   
2016-03-14 15:05

Found a used TSX from an owner who babied it since he bought it in 2004; only 55k miles. It still looks and runs like it's brand new. Love how it handles, and love the interior. Has some pep, but I find it relatively quiet. Very sleek and stylish, almost timeless, and I think it looks better than a lot of cars that are new. As other reviewers have mentioned, I've alot had a lot of compliments. For an 11-year old car (and counting), it's pretty impressive that it still looks and feels like a newer car. Downside is the premium gas. Thankfully, not filling up often so cost offsets. 24/32 MPG. **Update 3/13/16** Can't add anything else that's already been said. Still love it. I was going to get rid of it since I now take the bus to work 5 days a week, but my girlfriend convinced me to keep it because of how much she likes it.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value: