Year: 2011 Make: chevrolet Model: equinox

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Average raiting 3.6

2016-10-06 01:15

I bought the car used from Carmax with 35,000 miles on it. Unfortunately I did not do much research, I loved the look of the car and went for it. The first 8 months were good. Then a self destruct button turned on and ever since January of 2016 I've been in and out of the repair shop. It's never anything minor and all known issues to Chevrolet. However, they don't care about their customer's so what the hell. The first incident I was driving in the middle of a snowstorm to pick up a friend from the airport. Out of no where the vehicle refuses to accelerate and some message comes us with stability trac, reduce engine power...turns out the throttle body needed to be replaced. Ok, there's $200 + tax deductible I should be good to go. Nope. The following month I'm driving, no warning lights, no nothing and I'm backing out of a driveway (I drive for UBER) and my car will not get into gear. Eventually I get out of the driveway and my car goes into limp mode...come to find out the TRANSMISSION went out at 42,000 miles!!!! Another $200 + tax deductible. The following month I get a regular oil change and 2 weeks later new tires and the mechanic tells me I have no oil in my car and suggested I get an oil change. Ummm excuse me, I just got one 2 weeks ago. Fortunately there was a "service bulletin" for this and Chevy replace the Pistons and Timing Chain. I don't understand why a recall was not done as this is a serious issue. Anywho, 2 weeks later I notice a huge oil spot in my parking spot....well one of the gaskets that was replaced was defective and had to go and have that replaced. The Chevy dealer tried charging me my deductible to get that replaced, but after pulling up paper work that this was covered under the repair done just two weeks ago, I should not have to pay. One would think my troubles would be over. Nope. Check engine light comes on for the Camshaft Position Actuator. Then I get a letter for yet another service bullet for the catalytic converter. However, Chevy will not fix it until it causes a problem. Just yesterday (Oct. 4, 2016) I had the Fuel Pump replaced as part of a recall. A recall Chevy did not make me aware of. I got that email from CARFAX. The amount of time I have to take off of work for this car to get replaced is absurd. I can only imagine what problem will arise next month. Do yourself a favor and avoid this car at all costs....You will pay more in the end.

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2016-09-27 17:27

My family has owned Chevrolet Vehicles for over 60 years and the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox is the WORST vehicle we've ever owned! It has been in for recalls and "special policy bulletins" for Cam Shaft Position Sensor, Transmission, Oil Consumption, and now the Catalytic Converter (oh and how convenient, they cover the converter, but not the sensors connected to the converter...which are another $400+) and several issues. It stalled in heavy traffic, is sluggish at times, and nothing but a constant headache. Stay away from this vehicle at all cost...Chevrolet has lost my business forever, I will never own another Chevrolet product again!

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comfort: 2    interior: 2    performance: 1    reliability: 1    safety: 2    technology: 2    value:    
2016-08-05 15:58

Very disappointed with the vehicle. And GM in general it is the second GM vehicle I had to get rid off during last 3 years.First was bought in 2010 with only 65 000 miles I traded in 2014.When I got rid of Equinox it only had 93 000 miles.Even when I test drove it the acceleration was somewhat sluggish , but since I LIVE IN A NOT VERY POPULATED AREA and all the entertainment options seemed attractive I bought it used qith 88 000 and drove it only 5000 miles before trading it in.Had to change some suspension parts , windshield washer had to be fixed , heater was Ok , but A/C was pretty lousy and you could smell gas .Handling was Ok , but it had a turn radius of a military tank,custom Pioneer speakers did not sound that great.Best MPG I ever reached was around 22.At about 93000 while on a freeway all gauges started dancing I started losing power , then it felt like if someone hit the brakes.I pulled over and gave engine some rest and drove home on a small country toad vehicle felt like if someone mad was dancing on accelerator's pedal.I drive my family in this pos vehicle so I considered trading it in even though I lost $ , I gained experience and GM lost another customer for life.

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comfort: 3    interior: 2    performance: 3    reliability: 1    safety: 1    technology: 5    value: 22   
Unhappy Customer
2016-06-22 19:58

I've only ever driven Honda's and made the leap of trying a 2011 Chevy Equinox. I bought a used Chevy with 67k miles on it, and 5k miles later, the A/C goes bad. The air condenser is leaking and Chevy charges over $800 for a repair. Of all my year's driving a Honda, I've never once had an A/C break and I've driven them well over 175k miles. So much for buying an American car. It was a waste of money to buy something so un-reliable. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

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comfort: 4    interior: 3    performance: 1    reliability: 1    safety: 3    technology: 1    value: 1   
Ty F
2016-05-16 16:46

Test drove several Equinox-s. MOST suffered metal pitting rust through the lower door panels and wheel wells. Some rust is to be expected in this Chicagoland climate but such extensive rust on 5yr old cars is a serious concern. I didn't find a single one with no rust even if the rest of the vehicle was immaculate.

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comfort: 3    interior: 3    performance: 2    reliability:     safety: 3    technology:     value: