Year: 2014 Make: mercedes-benz Model: b-class electric drive

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E-lok driver
2016-11-21 18:41

We've been leasing the 2014 (without range extender) for a year and a half. It is our second car, used for SF Bay Area local driving. There are many reviews complaining about charging capabilities and technology and range and value. For us, this was the best value for our small family. I'm 6'2, and frequently ride in back with our small daughter. There is as much space for me as in my Audi A6 wagon. We got this car instead of the i3 because of the subtle styling, and the fact that it handles worlds better, and is more usable in the real world for a family. I'm a big fan of the concept of the i3, and all of the technology it brings to the auto industry, but Riding in the back seat of the BMW is a horrible experience, without operable windows, no handles, and the squirrelly ride, not to mention the suicide door entry. It's great for a work commute, but not for taking the family to the grocery store or the beach. If you want a premium car, and need it for real life short trips, this is it. Pros: interior space. Fit and finish, quiet, quick, regenerative braking modulation by paddle shifters , safety. Cons: should be rear wheel drive (too much torque for front wheel drive), needs charging port lighting.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology:     value: 5   
Glenn Bell
2016-09-22 13:18

Make sure to get it with the extended range option - $600 well spent. Range over 110 Miles.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2016-11-18 14:47

First off, I bought my B-Class used with 10,500 miles for approx. $22k (after taking into account my state tax credit that applies to used electric cars that haven't been titled in my state) - had I paid full price, I'm sure I would consider the value much less. That said, for an electric car, it's exceeded my expectations. The interior and cargo area are roomier than other similar options and it has the Mercedes look and class. The visibility is amazing with few blind spots though I agree the ventilation could be improved and windows will fog on rainy days unless you continually run the system. While I was nervous about actual range based on others' reviews and some fast driving by myself when I first acquired the car, I've personally found that if you drive somewhat efficiently you can easily make it 90-105 miles on a full charge if you include a good chunk of highway miles in the trip - just this weekend I drove 68 miles round trip from Denver up to elevation in a few different locations in the foothills and back and still had more than 40% of my battery left. I was impressed. That said, battery life significantly reduces in the cold, esp if you turn the heater on. Then I expect no more than 55 miles to be safe. The only down side is that you feel every pot hole and bump fully. No, I won't use this car for long road trips but I knew it wasn't ideal for that going in and couldn't be happier with this car.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 4    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 4   
2016-01-27 18:40

Leased the 2014 B-Class in June of 2015 for $260/mo including the 3 yr maint. Fit and finish is very good, on par with MB standard. Car feels solid and the style makes it blends in with most other vehicles on the road. Descent acceleration at stop lights. I got the multimedia and extended range pkg. The command center is nice, however, even a Hyundai can put a touch screen in their vehicle, and this MB cost twice as much and yet only has a fixed display the show limited info. Ventilation is poor for the back seats. If I have all the vents open in the front, there is very little air flow to the back. On damp days, if I do not have the A/C on, the windshield fogs up very quickly. Heating and cooling control was tucked way down in the center console, you have to take your eyes off the road and search for the button to make changes -- poor design. The 1-finger seat fold down design is a welcome improvement. So are the blind spot and 'too close' braking warning. The 'drift off lane' warning needs a program rewrite as it often gave false alerts when I make turns. The most important point of an EV - range. EPA and MB rated this car at 87 miles. I can only get 62-summer and 55-winter out of it. (Yes, warning for hot summer days (using A/C) and cold winter days (using heater), your mileage WILL vary!). This works OK during the week as I only have a 25 mile round trip commute. However, this limits/eliminates the usage for this vehicle for weekend trips (as EV charger are few and far in between in the tri state area). At lease for me, it is uncommon to travel over 30 miles 1-way to visit a friend/relative or my favorite bar/restaurant. The 60 mile range just doesn't cut it. I try the 110v/12A charger that came with the vehicle when I first got the vehicle - added 20 miles over a 24hr period. and the salesman assures me that I can charge the vehicle within 8 hrs with this level 1 charger, go figure! With a Clipper Creek HC40, this car needs 3.5 hrs to charge to 100%. The ride is very comfortable and quiet, very quiet. Entertainment system is OK considering the price of the car. Cost per mile is much better than my SUV but just a tag under the 30 mpg Corolla. So the savings will depend on which vehicle are you replacing. Range, charge time, and available charging stations remains to be the weak points for these EVs (at lease at the time this review was written Jan2016).

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Brian Smith
2017-01-05 15:14

These vehicles have commonly been leased/sold at considerable discounts to MSRP in low volume. Compared to the M-B vehicles offered at similar MSRP that we have driven as dealer loaners, such as the C-class and the GLA/GLC, the B-class is better appointed inside for couples or families, and is much less costly to own and operate. This is our first electric vehicle, and our first Mercedes-Benz. We were attracted, in large part, due to its safety, performance, interior room, and the fact that it doesn't have an "electric car" outward appearance. A set of BBS RX wheels further eliminated the "electric car" look. The fact that the B-class is sold in various configurations worldwide, and the Tesla-sourced motor abetted our confidence in selecting the electric drive U.S. version. After 2 years, we are still very happy with the B-class and our decision, we are more educated about electric vehicles, and we would repeat the decision similarly, perhaps with the exception of insisting upon the range extender package to ameliorate our sub-freezing use of the vehicle and to better accommodate longer weekend getaway trips. Information risk was higher than average at the time of purchase, but the choice of the B-class over competing electric vehicles (and not in relation to any other M-B product) has proven to be a good selection. Understated value may be the theme here, and I'm glad we were able to spot it. Many of the benefits of the B-class over other electric vehicles are not those that are easily represented in comparison charts, just as many operating benefits of electric vehicles are not easily represented in comparison charts. If M-B revamped this model, or produced another electric vehicle at or below $65,000 MSRP, we'd be in the market. In the meantime, we'll be watching the used market prices as these vehicles come off-lease. Sometimes the dealer attempts to charge for the periodic battery dessicant changes, which are in fact warranty items for the 2014 year model we have, but they have always adjusted bills after being presented the correct information. The first service part was been the charge port door latch, which intermittently failed to latch closed, and was replaced under warranty. The second was related to the recall of the motor drive ECU, after an intermittent transmission warning light was not resolved by firmware updates, also covered under warranty.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 4    safety: 5    technology: 4    value: 5