Year: 1999 Make: volkswagen Model: jetta

Number Reviews 208
Average raiting 3.6

2015-10-16 17:22

I love my Jetta vr6 2.8 liter it's fast I'm going to be adding a turbo to it the only thing about it is that I do not like about the car was replacing parts that expensive hard to find for the vr6 otherwise the car is great to drive looks nice on the road with all the fences stuff that I put on it hard to find the right suspension system to lower my car now I gotta replace the clutch after 182000 miles on the car but the cars been great to me never had major problems so now is time to give her stage 1 racing clutch and a full air suspension ride behandle bility and replace my 17 inch low profile rims and tires for 18 inch low profile rims and tires my wife hates the car because I love my car more than I love her Thank You Volkswagen I wish you made another vr6 in the newer model with the sunroof I would buy it in a heartbeat but now I will not give up this car no matter what even for new one even if you gave it to me for free I still would not trade it in for seems to me every time I go by the dealership somebody's always offering money to buy my vr6 they said it's hard to find and very rare in this condition special all the things I've added to the car to make sure dress up beautiful and fast it's hard to give up something that you built by hand

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 4    safety: 4    technology: 4    value: 3   
2014-10-28 12:39

I just bought my 1999 VW Jetta, private sale, and it only had 97K on the vehicle. I reconditioned it this weekend and I honestly can't believe this car is 16 years old. It drove well on the ride around the block, so I just knew it had potential to be one of these cars that you hear about making it to 300K. So I have taken the maintenance schedule in stages, because I am not under any illusions that things won't need to be replaced, BUT it will still be cheaper than making a car payment and paying full coverage insurance and maintenance costs.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2014-07-01 13:24

Basically constant problems. For some reason the braking system has never worked correctly, even under moderate pedal pressure the brakes pulse as though the ABS is engaged. Replaced main brake booster, front disks, and brake pads. The fenders rusted through and this is apparently a known issue for the diesel version as it has additional insulation to dampen noise. Unfortunately, the insulation also happens to suck up moisture and road salt. Around 80k miles the MAP sensor went out and just about part related to the braking system was replaced, again. At just over 100k miles the turbo started leaking oil and this gummed up the MAP sensor, EGR valve, intake, and connecting lines.

Average raiting - 2.4
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 2    reliability: 1    safety:     technology:     value:    
2012-10-09 19:04

I purchased this car new. I've had many of the same cosmetic problems as others, ie.. broken window regulator (twice, driver side), broken glove box, broken armrest cover, cup holder. I've had multiple teenage drivers, it's been in the body shop more than once. Mechanically it's a wonder! It is now 13 years old with over 275,000 mi on it and it is still on the original engine and transmission (automatic). The only major maintenance has been replacing the timing belt three times I think and a coolant pump. I've had to replace the blower fan and am now having problems with the A/C control but hey, it's 13 yo. If they can get the cosmetic things fixed it would be perfect. Getting 22 - 25 mpg.

Average raiting - 3.8
comfort: 4    interior: 3    performance: 4    reliability: 4    safety:     technology:     value:    
2012-03-30 04:41

Although it had some issues, like needing the ignition system replaced (Around $400 DIY), I love this car. I've been getting good gas milage and adequate performance. Mine has just over 160,000 miles on it, though the previous owner mistreated it. If you don't want to do any DIY car repair, I would not recommend this car. Otherwise, go for it. I use mine to get to and from school every day along with the occasional road trip and have never had any reliability issues with it. If you do get one, get yourself a good service manual and a metric socket set. I have the GLX 2.8L VR6 engine with the five speed manual transmission.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 5    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 4    safety:     technology:     value: