Wheelbase 108.30 in.
Overall Length 191.60 in.
Overall Height 68.20 in.
Track Front 67.70 in.
Track Rear 67.50 in.
Ground Clearance 8.20 in.
Curb Weight-automatic 4550 lbs


Standard Seating 7
Front Headroom 39.20 in.
Front Legroom 41.20 in.
Front Shoulder Room 61.60 in.
Front Hip Room 59.00 in.
Rear Legroom 38.70 in.
Rear Shoulder Room 61.50 in.
Rear Hip Room 59.10 in.
Cargo Volume 15.00 cu.ft.
Passenger Volume 141.80 cu.ft.


Transmission-short 6A
Transmission-long 6-Speed Automatic


Front Spring Type Coil
Front Suspension Ind
Rear Spring Type Coil
Rear Suspension Ind


Alloy Wheels Std.
Wheelbase 108.30 in.


Tires 255/55R18
Turning Diameter 37.60 in.
Number Reviews 43
Average raiting 4.3
Michael L
2016-09-02 15:02

Bought mine used with about 30k on it. I now have 107k on it and could not be happier. I did tons of research before selecting this make and model. The instrumentation and navigation is excellent! No car I have ever driver beats its user friendly approach and boasts the same functionality. Acura service is fantastic. You get Lexus like service without the cost. Sure its more than my wife's toyota or a Honda, but only marginally. If I had to come up with a complaint it is this: I get all service done at the dealer and just about everytime I am in there they have some sort of recommended service. Then again, I think all dealers do this. It has plenty of acceleration when using the paddle shifters (which are great), but the std acceleration could be a tad better for those very heavy foot drivers. But the handling is great and the driveability is perfect. SH-AWD is money in the corners and about 18mpg with this is good enough for me - esp since I have a heavier foot. I am a big guy at 6'5" 260lbs and this car gives me plenty of room. Even the back seat is nice with its reclining seats. 3rd row is for small adults or kids. I highly recommend this vehicle to just about any driver - you will not be disappointed!!

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
John N.
2016-05-24 16:10

In 5 years and 80k miles the repair bills have been $0, outside of routine maintenance. New tires & brakes last month, 79,000miles each and still had wear to go ( not much). Terrible nav system, Acura is UN-responsive and so is the supplier. Gets lost-can't even find the local hospital. Entertainment system is good but not worth the money. the Tech Package is a rip off. HVAC has some quirks but OK. Backup lights are weak - buy some LED "reflector" type bulbs from Amazon $20. gas milage is poor 18-20. ACC - adaptive cruise control is FANTASTIC. can't wait for lane holding etc. Super luxury it is not -but a nice car that always runs (so far) and doesn't break you wallet.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 4    technology: 3    value: 4   
2015-09-21 15:08

Try and get the CPO with an extended warranty just for a clear mind, but you might not need it, vehicle is highly reliable in my opinion. Interior could have been made more attractive looking in comparison to other luxury vehicles but than again the MDX cost a little less. Audi Q7 interior is someone better but the car is less reliable, and cost more to maintain. I will highly recommend this vehicle, there may be others with more luxurious options but they would cost more to maintain. Just Be aware of some dealerships service personal creating a residual customer out of you.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 4   
2012-12-11 01:48

2011 MDX - Tech Package. Decided to buy out our 2011 MDX lease...my wife loves it that much. This car is very comfortable on the road as it is reasonably quiet and seats have excellent support. Visisibility is good for an SUV. Room for luggage is minimal with all three rows being used, very good when only two rows. The SH-AWD works really well, but I would GLADLY give it up for a front-wheel drive version if GAS MILAGE would improve. Fit and finish is good, although I could live without the three square feet of PLASTIC wood on the dash. For a family of three, this is the perfect SUV. Fam of four would be ok, five would be tight. More than five is pointless unless going on short drives.

Average raiting - 4.3
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2012-09-19 14:37

I had this vehicle for 18 months and recently traded it in due to a couple reasons. - on a combination of city and highway driving I was avg'ing 16 mpg. I understand its an SUV but find this number unacceptable. - The interior in this vehicle is horrrible. Not only is the design bad but the leather is cheap and showed massive wear with only 10,000 miles on the vehicle. The dash is covered in fake wood and there were many rattles in the car. The ride is extremely hard and road noise is prominent. Exterior is really nice but the interior and gas mileage really started to weigh on me. I guess thats what you get when you try to make a Honda a luxury car.

Average raiting - 3.4
comfort: 4    interior: 2    performance: 3    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value: