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Year: 2015 Make: NISSAN Model: Armada

Number Reviews 11
Average raiting 2.9

2016-09-05 21:20

So I recently purchased a brand new 2015 nissan armada 2 months ago.. I owned a 2006 Armada for over 10years and absolutely loved my truck. But it was getting older and ive never had a vehicle go over 100k before. Since the 2016 model was going to have a totally different look and seemed to be smaller on the inside l decided after going over 100k to get a new one while I could afford to. Within a few days there was the worst smell coming from the a/c. A new car that literally smelled like dirty socks. I did some research decided to try lysol and let the fan blow on high to try to dry it out but it didnt work. I took it back to the dealer who claimed nothing wrong with the a/c its just when the temps reach over a 100 degrees its hard on the a/c. They put in a freshener that lasted a couple of days, but the smell came back, but wasnt as bad as before so I figured Im taking a road trip hopefully that will help dry out the system. But here I am 2 months into it and my mom literally gagged when the air came on the other day the smell was so bad. After talking to my sister in law who also owns a 2015 nissan rogue explained she has been having the same issue so it sounds like nissan did a bad job with the a/c unit all together. Everyone tells me your new car should not be smelling like this and of course I totally agree!!!!, I will be contacting the dealer again to see about getting something done. I also am not pleased at all with the interior. Not sure what type of material it is but its similar to suede and is already showing signs of wear on it. I thought I should invest in seat covers but the dealer said they dont sale them do to the airbags in the seats. The sales guys said should be covered in the warranty should they wear badly within 3years(we’ll see how that goes, but i dont plan on keeping it that long). My previous Armada’s had the bose system as well, this one is supposed to but it never sounds quite as clear and i miss the 6 disc option I had previously. The steering wheel will adjust up but will not lock in place which is a dissapointment if you are on the heavier side or over 6 feet tall in my opinion. The dash as well as the rest of the interior is also made of a different softer material that is very dull looking and seems to attract lent so it always looks dirty to me. Overall for this to be a newer model i feel they did a very poor job and they should have left it alone because there so called improvements ARE NOT.

Average raiting - 2
comfort: 2    interior: 1    performance: 2    reliability: 1    safety: 2    technology: 2    value: 1   
Nalan S Alabama
2016-06-26 13:45

Bought new 2015 Armada ,3000 miles left front suspension noise. Dealer fixed it but the noise is now on the other side and rear .squeeking sometimes. So fed up with this vehicle. Can't wait to trade for a GM. This Armada has a serious appetite for fuel. Feel ripped off.

Average raiting - 3
comfort: 4    interior: 3    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 4    technology:     value: 3   
2016-06-24 13:18

Love my Armada and I am 5ft 2, 100lbs. Only issues I've had are being short, and having 6 kids to load in the back. It is a bit difficult loading the full car but I think I've trained my crew. :-P I'm smaller so the steering can be a bit difficult but I've gotten use to it. Other than that, love the interior, speakers, front seats are amazing.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
Ra Demi
2016-05-17 20:48

I just bought this car in December 2015. New car, no mileage. At about 6000 miles, while in the mountains, the heater stopped working. I took it in, the dealer guys were nice, they fixed it.... Couple days later, a blue liquid was leaking from on top of the right back tire. I had to take it in again. It was the coolant. They couldn't fix it that day, so I had to take it in couple days later (more days waisted on this car)... I got that fixed. Couple weeks later, it started raining, and I realized the windshield was leaking!!!! Yeah, you heard that right. My right side of the car was all wet. It took couple days to fix that meanwhile I had a small car they gave me from the dealership. The last incident happened last week. Today, one week later, I realized the windshield water is not working!!! The back one does, but the front one doesn't!!!! I am so pissed right now! This car is 6 month old!! Now I have to take it in again and leave it there for 3 hours..... Will follow up with what's wrong.

Average raiting - 1
comfort: 3    interior: 2    performance: 1    reliability: 1    safety: 3    technology: 2    value: 1   
Mike davis
2016-05-01 13:25

Alternator won't power everything, and charge battery at idle. All engine electrical connections designed to fail at 5 year mark. ECU programming for electrical system programmed incorrect from factory. Nissan doesn't lube axle splines or wheel bearing packs from factory- life span 5 years max. Nissan uses sub standard rebranded batteries- life span- max 2 years- no warranty. All front end electrical connections copper wire crimped (not soldered) into pot metal eyelets, bolted to a painted screw hole with painted tin bolts and screws. Voltage transmission efficiency below 25%. 128 bad ground connections in front end. Electrical system programmed to read full charge at 12.1 volts, 11.1 at battery. Impossible to get full charge, even with zero load on system. Differentials and gear are Dana made in Mexico. No heat treating. Expect to replace diffs at least once before warranty expiration. Alternator located at bottom of engine. Deep water will destroy alternator before water gets to running boards. Nissan warranty only covers broken parts. So if your shocks wear out at 20k miles, but don't "break", nissan won't cover them. If your unlubed bearing packs wear out at 20k miles, but don't break into little pieces, nissan won't warranty them. If your axle shaft splines start clanking at 25k miles from lack of lube, nissan will neither fix them, or warranty them, unless they break in two. OEM original rear brake caliper piston holes not drilled parallel. No rear brake operation since new. But not "broken". Nissan won't warranty or repair brakes because they are not "broken" - true since they were also unused and not operable since new. Nissan left all AC service port caps off after recharging AC system. Refused to replace the caps they lost because AC system was not "broken". Nissan front brake calipers, poor design. Traps water and dirt in slider assembly. When nissan performed brake job, they did not replace or clean sliders, did not lube sliders. Sliders stopped working causing brake application to move all force to bearing packs and tie rods. Front original brakes lasted 14k miles. Front bearing hubs lasted 35k miles as a result of brake slider contamination. Bad front brake force geometry also wore out tie rod ends at 50k miles. Nissan won't warranty them because they are not "broken". Brake lights blew one hour after driving car off the lot. Dealership refused to cover them under warranty. Rear tire blew perfect circle 2.5" hole in center of sidewall, in front of dealership at 400 miles. Nissan would not warranty "blem" OEM tires. Front shocks wore out at 14k miles of highway driving. Nissan would not warranty them because they were not "broken". All ball joints wore out due to no lube from factory (OEM) at 50k miles. Nissan refused to warranty them because they were not "broken". Electrical connections in pax window stopped working at 70k miles as did driver seat controls. Nissan refused to warranty them because they are not "broken". Nissan claims 9000lb towing capable with tow package.... Only on runway flat surface. For suspension, brakes, and performance to stay within minimum factory norms, limit tow weight to 4500lbs. Even at only 4500lbs you will be in far right lane, 45mph max, flashers on, with trans overheating if you go up 10% grade for more than two miles. Not possible to tow 4500lb trailer from Yuma to San Diego. Not possible to tow 4500lb boat from Sacramento to Reno. Minimally possible to tow 4500lb boat through Appalacians.

Average raiting - 1
comfort: 5    interior: 2    performance: 2    reliability: 1    safety: 2    technology: 1    value: 2