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Year: 2016 Make: TESLA Model: Model X

Number Reviews 12
Average raiting 2.9

2016-12-12 21:31

About the car: aside the electric part (which it is good or the best in itself) the price range with options (100-120 K) that makes Tesla desirable is not competitive with other cars in that range and same style. Cabin is not sealed at 65-70 m/h, tires are noisy too at that speed. Auto Pilot feature is misleading (I am sure it will get better) but just now it is nothing else than a dynamic cruise control. Acceleration is very sensitive which it is likely to please certain group of people, but it is not practical for an everyday commuting car, making Model X a toy to enjoy and impress friends once in a while. Bottom line: Too much money for a good battery and decently good looking car. About the service: it is not clear how maintenance would be handled. In case of having the car serviced for a reason different from scheduled maintenance, it seems there is a LONG waiting list to get hands on a dealer loaner. The alternative would be a gas operated car from a rent-a-car company. This is not acceptable, not for that price. Summary: For more than it is innovative and cute, the model X is not ready to compete in the price range it has being marketed. Suggestion to consumers: sleep on it until it develops in a better choice. It will for sure!

Average raiting - 2
comfort: 3    interior: 2    performance: 3    reliability:     safety: 3    technology: 4    value:    
2016-11-25 14:22

Best car in market

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology:     value: 5   
Bel Day
2016-10-30 19:44

If you have children, this is the best, safety, SUV around. Third row access is easy thanks to the Falcon wings, while middle row child seats can be accessed without hitting your head on the roof, or killing your back while hunching over. Add solar on your house and you can power it with sunshine. Amazing.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2016-10-28 01:25

I ordered a Tesla X in June of 2105. It arrived in September of 2016. All of the amazing things it does well have been described by others. The electronics, sleek profile, lack of engine noise, acceleration, and easy to understand controls are all great. But its not ready for prime time by a long shot. The lack of engine noise is totally outweighed by a noisy, choppy, and rattle filled interior. The tires are incredibly noisy. The suspension is downright awful and cannot be adjusted even with the air suspension option. Only the ride HEIGHT can be controlled not the stiffness. I bought it for my wife to replace her midsize Mercedes SUV. So that was her baseline. Her very first reaction upon entering the X was where do things go. The cop holders are awkward to say the least, the storage is minimal, the second row seats do not fold flat, and there is NO PLACE to hang clothes or even lay them flat. A bright sun is bothersome as it shines through the huge windshield and the visors are amusingly toy-like. The rear view mirror is tiny and the rear window small. Unsafe in my book. The gull wing doors were fun for 15 minutes and then an inconvenient pain. The back seats are small and narrow and all the talk about legroom is just not true in the real world. In short, it is not a workaday vehicle.

Average raiting - 2
comfort: 2    interior: 3    performance: 4    reliability: 3    safety: 3    technology: 5    value: 2   
Travis W
2016-10-24 16:34

Purchased an X in September 2016, coming out of a Model S. The X is more comfortable overall, easier to get in/out of, ride height is better if you like that over a shorter car, etc. The interior is nice, comfortable, and luxurious, but not as fit and finished as other luxury brands on materials (Audi, BMW, Mercedes) - just not quite there yet. The car looks great overall on exterior and the large amounts of chrome do get dirty easily, etc. Decent amount of black molding on car but improvements appearance overall. On quality, ours was delivered with a number of misalignment of panels, doors, and the rear hatch was so bad it had to be disassembled and then replaced to be aligned well. We've had a couple seals the protrude and also severe wind noise from the frameless windows and their seal design a few times. Our car was delivered with an unbolted loose rocking/squeaking driver seat which was unacceptable and fixed. Service with Tesla is very good but is getting less responsive as more cars are produced and on the road. We do also have a few paint issues that are appearing on rear of car and will need to address potentially. Overall, Tesla quality isn't quite there just yet compared to some luxury brands as these issues seem common on many of the Xs out there - but perhaps some new builds are improving as ours was a VIN 8000ish. Having said all that, the car is awesome, drives wonderful, is faster than you need (even as a regular 90D), range is great 99.9% of the time more than you need, and the technology in the car is leagues above other cars as well as just easy to use due to lack of oddly labeled buttons, knobs, etc. The X is an expensive car but saving on gas, the overall utility of it, and comfort do put it up there with other luxury SUVs that are not far off. Our main concern is the quality (mostly resolved now) and longevity that goes along with that. The first 4 years of warranty will be valuable it seems, and Tesla hasn't offered an extended 4 years just yet (but probably will at a cost soon). After 8 years though, will have to see how well the car is holding up, FWDs holding up, etc.

Average raiting - 3
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability:     safety: 5    technology: 4    value: 3