Year: 2006 Make: DODGE Model: DURANGO

Number Reviews 53
Average raiting 4.4

Mike Cee
2016-10-14 14:23

Our 2006 Durango has been a reliable workhorse. Other than routine maintenance and one recall it's never had a single issue. It never has a problem even in the worst snowstorms, it handles well on the highway, is extremely comfortable for long drives, and it can do it all while carrying a lot of gear. Fuel economy isn't great, but it's a full frame, full size, big SUV so I don't expect it to have great fuel mileage. The 4.7 has plenty of power and the interior is simple and easy to keep clean. Resale value isn't great, but as a used car buyer that's an advantage, and one of the reasons we purchased it in 2011.

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2016-08-10 16:42

I purchased my Durango Limited with the 5.7L motor (why isn't that an option for Model Selection?) Anyway, after putting 13k miles on it in the past 11 months I am overall happy. I'm 6', 300lbs and I'm quite comfortable in it. I've had as many as six adult passengers in the SUV and no one has complained about leg room or comfort. My only complaints so far are; (1) could be less hard plastic in the interior - the front seat belt covers were missing when I bought the SUV and the pouch on the back of the driver's seat was gone. (2) The left rear quarter panel seem to have rust issues just behind the fuel door. I see this on many Gen2 Durangos. (3) Both the 4.7L and 5.7L motors are very susceptible to exhaust manifold leakage mainly due to manifold bolts breaking. (4) If I’m not careful, I get overflow/spit-back when fueling up. There was a recall for this but I keep forgetting to check if my Durango still qualifies being that it’s 10 years old now.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 5    interior: 3    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 4    technology: 4    value: 4   
brittani p.
2016-02-09 14:40

It doesn't list the option of of the 5.7 L hemi but that's what it is. I bought it in November of 2015. So far so good I really like it and I'm a Chevy girl so I'm surprised! The plastic seat parts where mostly broken off when I bought it but it seems to be normal for this car. Motor and transmission are running strong. The kids really like the DVD player. The back seats fold very easily, my 6 year old can get out from the back row on her own and she couldn't in our 2001 Tahoe. I find the car very comfortable with plenty of leg room. I hate that there is really no trunk unless the 3rd row is down but that's with most mid size suv's. The technology is lacking for a 2006 I think. Over all I would give it a 4 out of 5 horns! ;)

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 4    performance: 4    reliability: 5    safety: 1    technology: 3    value: 4   
2015-08-13 15:24

We purchased the 5.7 Hemi. I would pass my friends uphill while pulling a horse trailer as they pulled nothing. At the same time I can't expect much in the way of Fuel Economy. Not the greatest on comfort or technology but it got the job done. Loved the 3rd row. The quality of materials was not great. Also experienced the loss of a few seat belt covers.

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 3    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 4    technology: 4    value: 4   
2012-06-18 01:53

Well in December of 2010, my family got this car. at first it was great ... but then the horrid hard plastics started breaking on the seat belt covers and on the seat belt buckle itself the buckle in the third row is completely useless! the hard plastics are also bad they just look tacky. the seats in the second row are not comfortable for longer than an hour. the leg room in the second row is bad... really bad my son who is 5'4 complains! the car has a problem shifting and gets valves clogged all the time! our family hates this... thing! we are buying a 2007 Lexus GX 470 in a month hope its better!!

Average raiting - 2.3
comfort: 3    interior: 1    performance: 3    reliability: 1    safety:     technology:     value: