Year: 2008 Make: VOLKSWAGEN Model: JETTA

Number Reviews 164
Average raiting 4.6

J chesney
2016-06-20 13:53

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety: 5    technology: 5    value: 5   
2015-12-07 18:06

Pros: Fun to drive (stick shift), Dependable, Paint has stayed bright, This S model (base) has many conveniences found only on more expensive cars, such as all four windows power up and down automatically, many hooks in the trunk for attaching grocery bags, etc., two power sockets, good arm rest between front seats. Cons: Relatively poor mileage for the engine size, Weak Brakes (most VWs).

Average raiting - 4
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 3    reliability: 5    safety: 3    technology: 3    value: 4   
2013-08-19 17:39

I bought my Jetta brand new at 0 miles and just yesterday I passed 100,000 miles and I have to say this is by far the best car I have ever owned; however, some people don't realize that owning and maintaining a VW takes a little bit of work. In order to make sure your vehicle lasts a long time it is vital that you stay up-to-date with recommended maintenance and NEVER get work done at a location other then a licensed Volkswagen dealership. If you follow those 2 simple rules you will be more than happy. I've heard horror stories about people buying a Jetta and having terrible experiences with it; yet they never really took the effort to take care of it or take it in for routine maintenance.

Average raiting - 4.5
comfort: 4    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2012-10-02 14:18

I drove a smart car for three long years. Sunday morning I started searching the Internet, for maybe a new car I was looking for something different but I haven't had before. I ran a cross at 2008 white Jetta, it had no pictures but I ended up going to the dealership before it even opened. The door was unlocked and I fell in love instantly so I traded my 2008 Smart car for the pretty white Jetta. To date I have had 87 cars in the last 15 years mostly high-end I love the ride of the Jetta and the super large trunk which I didn't have with the smart. I am looking forward to many more years and yes cars are cars they all have problems no matter what.

Average raiting - 4.8
comfort: 5    interior: 4    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value:    
2011-12-14 00:06

I have a 2008 vw jetta se. Love it, I also have a jeep but I needed a econ car. It was the only cheap good on gas car that I found that felt better then a wong tong box. It has nice features, heated seats, outside mirrors heated and power, pleather ;), the paint looks way better then my friends hondas or toyota after almost 4 years. I never have anything wrong with it. Its way faster then the competition in its class too, not even close. Drives 80 all day long on the freeway for 4 hours straight I never need to get out and stretch. Has safety and dummie lights for everything, even if you have a tail light out, love that. Full size spare and a HUGE truck, seriously I put my road bike in there

Average raiting - 5
comfort: 5    interior: 5    performance: 5    reliability: 5    safety:     technology:     value: